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Jar of Pixels (and Looney Tunes)

Jar of pixels

Was inspired to make this after seeing my friend Dave’s Facebook post this morning: “Apparently I’ve been working too much. I put “Claussen Pixels” on my grocery list.” Good thing I had this pickle jar hanging around for just such an occasion. Here you go, sir!

These “pickles” are made from Pixelblocks, which are a bit like translucent Legos. On the plus side, they have grooves so you can attach them side-by-side. On the minus side, they are rather difficult to separate.

Pixelblocks work well as a medium for building little 2D replicas of old school video game characters, and I do have an Excitebike rider and Katamari King of the Cosmos gracing my living room. I like the idea of life-size replicas, though, so I may try out some other types of food now that I see how pickles turned out.

In a similar vein: years ago I built a few Looney Tunes characters using a bin of Legos. At some point I may use these as reference photos for tinkering around with isometric drawing or noodling around with this app.

Yosemite Sam (front)

Yosemite Sam (back)

Sylvester (front)

Sylvester (back)

Tweety (front)

Tweety (back)

Daffy Duck (front)

Daffy Duck (back)

Foghorn Leghorn (front)

Foghorn Leghorn (back)

Spring glimmers

I’ve noticed a pattern in the things in that catch my eye recently.

In the last few months, I’ve taken pitifully few photos–a side effect of fixating on wanting to feel fully present rather than documenting events. After the fact, of course, having some photos would have been nice…so I need to swing that pendulum a bit back towards the center. Yesterday morning, I was compelled to take some photos of a particularly lovely scene at breakfast. Starting a few months ago Alan’s been cooking up a storm, including breakfast nearly every day, so I’m glad to have at least one visual reminder of that. Maybe I’ll get some action shots if I’m more coherent one morning.

As I looked at these photos, and the dozen or two I’ve taken in the last few months, I realized the best ones all have similar compositions, with the primary subject is on the right (and cut off), and interesting things happening with light glimmers.

Friday morning breakfast

Gas station at SJ History Park

Late afternoon reflection

In Rainbows

I came across Youngme / Nowme earlier this year, and loved the premise: find a photo of you as a kid, and then reproduce the pose as faithfully as possible. I’ve been thinking of making my own for a little while now, and was holding off until I could find a shirt that matched this crazy rainbow shirt. Well, I found one!

Besides minor cleanup, I adjusted the photo with some cropping, sharpening, and the magic of Photoshop’s “Match Color” feature. The cat in the original photo was Charlie, a friendly, mellow tabby that would be sleeping on my bed  when I got home from school. The cat in the new photo is I/O, our super-social torbie (tabbie and tortoise shell mix). She’s not quite as mellow as Charlie was, and didn’t appreciate the amount of time it took to take this photo. Alan got pretty good at trying to catch her attention.

Circa 1981

Circa 1981

Circa 2008

Circa 2008

Look Into the Eyeball



Besides being an excellent album by David Byrne, this unintentional tableau became the subject of spontaneous art today. This mirror and the hand-and-eye pen were on the countertop this evening after cleaning up from a neighborhood block party earlier. One of the neighbors convinced the newly-opened fire department down the street to bring a firetruck by the block. I was looking forward to some good pictures, but (1) it left as I was getting ready to go take some pictures, and (2) no memory card in the camera. Whoops. But this caught my eye tonight while cleaning up. So, instead of artsy firetruck close-ups, or idyllic suburban neighborliness, you get surreal oddity. It’s more satisfying somehow.