It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on here, a year in which I have tackled a few bigger things (for me) artistically:


I took a Dutch Masters workshop taught by Wayne Jiang and learned a bunch. He has the most lucid approach I’ve encountered about light and opacity, and how to take advantage of the properties of acrylic. This is one of two paintings I made in the workshop, a painting of my grandfather in his natural habitat: at home, using his shop goggles to read something. Frustratingly, I seem to have misplaced my work-in-progress photos of this painting, but I am working on a painting of my grandmother using the same approach and will go into detail on that one.


I really missed watercolors, and also wanted to do more figure work. I used this as an excuse for the strict format I used for the illustrations on Make It Legit. The rigor of blogging (and illustrating) weekly left no time for anything else, so I backed off from that pace late last year. The content will be getting some new life soon on LinkedIn. I may dig into the few dozen topics I had on deck and write some new stuff once I’m ready again. I’ll post about the illustrations themselves here soon.


I finished my Object Oriented sketchbook and have started on a new book in a slightly different theme. It’s still objects, but instead of the objects I draw the environment around them and highlight some kind of pattern. Posts about both will be coming.

2014 is already shaping up to be an interesting year. I’m taking a break from work – really the first major pause I’ve had since college – and diving into my backlog of projects. I’ll sprinkle those in here as I catch up on writing these others up.