Over the last couple of months I’ve been slowly repurposing my computer area in our study–first a height-adjustable desk, getting a non-Ikea chair with a footrest, and today I stepped up to a 24″ widescreen monitor, the Samsung T240.

First rule of a new monitor: got to get some new wallpaper. I wasn’t finding as many darker, subtle images as I hope to find online, so I decided to noodle around in PS and see if I could reproduce a look that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while.

This is my attempt to recall from memory a few things that catch my eye when driving at night: the way the hills look along 280 when you can see just a few stars, and the way the headlights silhouette the cars and bounce off the road. This was a process of layerings lots of very soft brush strokes, and erasing to get the harder edges. It’s amazing how much colors pop when you zoom way out. Sometimes I feel like I’m cheating tinkering with opacity on layers, and running Hue/Sat to fix the colors because it feels like it should be more painstaking than that.

This also reminds me of the title cards from my favorite cartoon ever, Batman: The Animated Series. I might have to do some more of these.