Creepy Ancestors

3 of 30 original watercolor portraits • 3.2" x 4.2" each

3 of 30 original watercolor portraits • 3.2″ x 4.2″ each

I found these nice sleeves printed in the style of the “carte de visite”, the collectible trading card craze of the mid-19th century. Slightly larger than modern trading cards, this style of card was used for portraits of friends, family, and celebrities.

It’s been a little while since I’ve done watercolor so I created a bunch of tiny portraits based on photos that would have been the right era for these styles (mid-1850s). Because it’s Halloween, and I wanted to loosen up a bit, I leaned a bit more towards caricatures and intentionally skewed them to look creepy.

Ms. P.B.F.

Ms. P.B.F.  ~sold~

Mr. R.B.M.

Mr. R.B.M.  $13

Ms. D.R.F.

Ms. D.R.F.  $13

Mr. P.B.M.

Mr. P.B.M.  $13

Ms. R.B.F.

Ms. R.B.F.  $13

Mr. D.G.M.

Mr. D.G.M. ~sold~

Ms. P.S.F.

Ms. P.S.F.  $13

Mr. R.C.M.

Mr. R.C.M.  $13

Ms. D.G.F.

Ms. D.G.F.  $13

Mr. B.P.M.

Mr. B.P.M. ~sold~

Ms. R.C.F.

Ms. R.C.F.  $13

Mr. D.M.M.

Mr. D.M.M.  $13

Ms. P.W.F.

Ms. P.W.F.  $13

Mr. E.R.M.

Mr. E.R.M.  $13

Ms. D.P.F.

Ms. D.P.F.  $13

Mr. P.D.M.

Mr. P.D.M.  $13

Ms. C.R.F.

Ms. C.R.F. ~sold~

Mr. O.D.M.

Mr. O.D.M. ~sold~

Mr. P.M.M.

Mr. P.M.M.  $13

Mr. R.P.M.

Mr. R.P.M.  $13

Ms. F.P.D.

Ms. F.P.D.  $13

Mr. P.S.M.

Mr. P.S.M. ~sold~

Ms. R.S.F.

Ms. R.S.F.  $13

Mr. D.S.M.

Mr. D.S.M. ~sold~

Mr. P.G.M.

Mr. P.G.M.  $13

Ms. S.R.F.

Ms. S.R.F. ~sold~

Ms. F.R.D.

Ms. F.R.D. ~sold~

Mr. P.W.M.

Mr. P.W.M.  $13

Ms. U.R.B.

Ms. U.R.B.  $13

Ms. R.F.D.

Ms. R.F.D.  $13

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