Outgrowth I

Outgrowth I • 12" x 24"

Outgrowth I • 12″ x 24″

I haven’t done many abstract works so this is a bit of an exploration for me. This is a painting I started a while ago – 2004 – and put on pause while I debated what to do with it. I got inspired to pick it up again and figure out what else it needed. It had the structure I wanted with the teal background and branching green shape. It was just a tad…sparse.

I decided it needed to propagate in two ways:

  • in a generative way, like an algorithm riffing on a repeating pattern
  • in a natural way, like the blooming of spores or moss

That guided the color and details choices I made to fill this in. I’d like to try more in this style so in the spirit of that I’ve given this a number. May it be the first in a series!

Earlier in the process: the "pause"

Earlier in the process: the “pause”

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