A beach scene for H&A

Down to the shore

I decided I wanted to paint more, and to make more paintings for friends. A few years back, Alan and I took the engagement & wedding photos for our good friends Hannah & Amanda, and since they recently moved, it seemed like a great time to scope the place to figure out potential painting opportunities.I gave them a blank canvas for Christmas with the promise to paint whatever they wanted, and after talking through the possibilities, they opted for a beach landscape. The first thing I thought of was a scene with driftwood and glass fishing weights, but then realized that the path down to the beach where their ceremony had an interesting layout. The first sketch you’ll see is the quick digital draft to get their go-ahead, and the rest show the progression as I built it up. Enjoy!


Digital test run

Sketchy start

Sand foundation

Sky and sea



Brush detail

Sand texturing


Even more greenery

Plant detail

Shore break

A touch of sea green

A proper kind of green

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