Sketches: Undefined Variables

I have this little book with me whenever I go out. At the time of posting this, I'm close to halfway done.

Undefined Variables, the book

This is the latest little sketchbook I’m carrying around for the occasional moment to draw. The theme of the last one was Object Oriented, and it was a little brown book with sketches of objects drawn in brown ink. For this little black book I wanted a different theme, ideally playing off of another computer science term. Hence: Undefined Variables.

I’m trying out a more elaborate ruleset on this one. I didn’t really know whether it was working until I’d gotten four or five of these done. The ruleset is this:

1. Draw a scene of the objects in front of me and pick one object to cut out, leaving only the outline of the space where it would be.
2. Instead of drawing the true background, fill it with a nearby pattern.

Here’s the first quarter or so of the book.

Zach's sippy cup, and a very strange children's book.



SJ Singlebarrel

These chairs are like miniature couches.

AMC Saratoga

Pro tip: don't buy a kid's bike from a guy on the street.

SOFA district

Always a good time with Ted & Claire!

Parker, CO

Denver of the variable weather, and tons of craft beer.


Celebrating Lulu's bachelorette party in style.


Think I've had enough time on the lawn. It's seats all the way now!

Shoreline Amphitheatre

Dan Savage is super nice in person, as you may have guessed.

Hancock Building

Go here. This place, and the ACME Hotel it's in, are very cool.

Berkshire Room

Universal remote? Naah.

Daly City, CA

There would probably be more Chromatic drawings in here if I weren't trying to actively change these up.

Chromatic Coffee

Slo-mo flames are pretty relaxing to watch.

5a5 Lounge

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