Lighting studies using Adobe Ink/Sketch

Gadget testing time – here’s some sketches I made with Adobe’s hardware/software offering for tablets, the Ink stylus and Adobe Sketch app. Overall the heft of the stylus is quite nice, and the app is a reasonable minimalist sketching app.

Despite my background, I generally avoid making art on tablets because I end up disappointed with both the feel of making it and the fidelity of the results. For the feel, Adobe Sketch has a bit of pressure sensitivity…which does help, and is a feat given the lack of support for this on iPads. The results, though, are similar to other apps in this class. I can’t un-see the frequent hallmarks of digital art: consistent brush edging, unnaturally uniform transparency, recognizable filters, excess dodge/burn, smoothed-out vectors. I always find myself wishing I’d spent the time with a sketchbook instead.

Knowing that, I thought I should come up with alternate uses more suitable to its limitations and a little less focused on creating an artifact. Here I focused mostly on loose studies of lighting and color to exercise my perception of the colors a bit more. These were sketched at Jillian’s studio earlier this year.

It mostly gets the idea across.

Wobbly lines

This looks halfway decent since the shapes are so simple.

Red pipes pop

I noticed some interesting bits of green and blue here.

Good color variation

Good view from here!

Attempts at fabric

Not a fan of this one; detail work is really tedious with this setup.

An awkward straw mat

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