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Live Painting for Cinequest 2017: Elevate

Elevate: Day 13

Elevate: Day 13

During the Cinequest Film & VR Festival, I’m one of three “live painting” artists for Phantom Galleries along with Brandon Anderton and Fernando Amaro Jr. (Force129). We each started a painting that we’ll complete over the course of the Cinequest Festival, to be completed on the final day at the closing party.

When I thought of the theme, “Elevate”, I thought about how people express themselves with gestures. I picked a movie for each of the 13 days of Cinequest to be represented here by gestures from one of their characters. I’ll update this daily with the current progress as well as information about which movies are represented. By March 12th, this will contain them all. Enjoy!

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Elevate legend of movies

Elevate legend of movies

Getting back to editorial cartooning

The final color version

Nothing like deadlines to get motivated! The Union of Concerned Scientists puts out a calendar every year with editorial cartoons about scientific integrity. I learned about the contest a couple of years ago, and somehow, each year, I let the deadline slip away from me. This year, the day before the deadline I realized it was about to happen again–and it occurred to me that the only way to break this was to treat this with the same urgency as the cartoons I drew for the Mustang Daily.

When I was doing this every day, the absolute fastest I could create a cartoon from start to finish (picking a topic, figuring out what to say, sorting out the layout, pencilling and inking) was an hour. I decided that I’d give myself twenty minutes to think of something to do. If I came up with something decent, I’d see it through. In college I used to run through the AP wire for story ideas; for this, I browsed through the UCS website to get a sense of the topics.

After twenty minutes, I had two ideas very roughly sketched out. Enough to go on! I drew these two cartoons in just under two hours. The siren lobbyists made it to the finals, which means they’ll be in the calendar. Will they end up on the cover? Perhaps, if I get enough votes!

The extent of the planning

A little social media commentary

The finalist!

Star Trek put to good use


A few months ago the Product group at LinkedIn moved into a new building full o’ corporate cubes and hosted a “Pimp Your Row” contest to spiff ’em up (as documented by my friend Marissa on the Linked blog). I recently switched over to the Enterprise Hiring Solutions team, and got inspired by the Subscriptions team nearby and their Yellow Submarine theme. Hence–the Star Trek (or rather, Enterprise) theme!

My row neighbors braved the ladder to fill our row with planets, glow-in-the-dark stars, and the Enterprise (of course). There was a well-timed quote from LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman to go along with a Data cardboard cutout. We installed the awesome System 47 screensavers on our computers. And–the final piece–I created LCARS-style “interfaces” for everyone in the row that I printed and mounted behind the glass in front of each cube. I created these in Illustrator, and grabbed interesting-looking 3D wireframes from the internets.

As I built it I couldn’t help but build out a somewhat meaningful structure for the “interface”. The structure breaks down to two primary levels: the structure of LinkedIn (your connections, groups, etc) and the info on your profile (your current position, past, etc.). These presumably showing info about the “current” position, so it shows the person’s name, their role, the departments they’re in (e.g. Product, and within that, Monetization), their product (in my case, “candidate acquisition platform” or CAP), and its users.

Beep boop bip


Appropriate beverages

It’s the future!



This American T-Shirt

At the end of July, This American Life held a t-shirt design contest for creating a design to use for their next fundraiser. There’s some nerdy glee I felt at the idea of both owning a TAL shirt, and designing it, so I kicked into gear and created a few designs.

"Sampler" design

"Sampler" design

"Roadmap" design

"Roadmap" design

Sketches for TAL t-shirt

Sketches for TAL t-shirt

On the Sampler one, I was originally just going to have cross-stitched letters, until I realized that it could have said “Prarie Home Companion” just as easily. That made me shudder a little. I was thinking of something a little more punk/DIY for the American part at first, but once I threw a little color in I gravitated towards this denim blue for the shirt color; hence the jeans-tag look.

No one seems to like the Roadmap one, which is fine. It turned out pretty simple but I was glad to get to a point where it looked finished. I prefer the look and layout in the sketch, but when it came time to put it on the shirt I realized there was just a 10″ x 13″ area to work with, well away from the neck and shoulder line. Guess I’ll just have to get a Neighborhoodie instead.