ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • 24″ x 12″ each (x2)
original art commissioned by Kevin & Allie S.
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These are nursery paintings for our friends Kevin & Allie and their #quarantwins Aubrey & Oliver born on July 29, 2020. Since there are two of them, I got the idea to create a pair of paintings so that each one can have one when they’re older.

I knew what space I’d be working with so I made a mockup for the size and orientation using Phases of the Peach as a placeholder. The nursery had white. silver/gray, and blue tones, so I thought a similar kind of floating-things-in-a-blue-sky would have a nice look. But what?

Allie and Kevin met while working as journalists in the same small town, and previously commissioned me for this close-up painting of a writing hand. So I thought about writing as a theme, and came up with the idea of floating books and writing implements. After a quick layout I realized it would look pretty busy with both, so I opted for just the books. Here they are in flight!