When I get stuck, I’ll paint or draw food. It’s an easy way to get past my indecision and get right to the craft of it, and often gives me an opportunity to try out new techniques, patterns, or textures. That was certainly the case here!

I had these fun small-but-thin canvases on which I created a strong graphic layout with three breakfast foods: eggs, bacon, and toast. For maximum contrast I put each on a bright blue background. After establishing this baseline, I decided I wanted to try to emulate the texture of each. I used a heavy gloss medium to build up the yolk and white for the egg, and the fatty sheen of the edges of bacon. The toast I built up a bit more from the paint so it was more matte. Last but not least, I mixed a sandy grit gel with black paint in an effort to look like a cast iron pan, though it was difficult to get it to spread out the way I wanted. I was pretty happy with the shiny textures though!