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Crafts of 2020

So much was happening, and worrisome, and strange that I just lost track of a lot of it. This post is about the weird craft stuff I focused on as an escape.

Sketches: Rest of Undefined Variables

This is the last batch of sketches from a sketchbook I carried with me (theme: Undefined Variables).

“Prior Art” show at Kaleid Gallery

My first solo show, Prior Art, is now up at Kaleid Gallery in downtown San José from now ’til November 25th. The theme of the show is “analog media manipulation and vintage virtual reality.”

Sketches: More Undefined Variables

Much like my first notebook (Object Oriented) I started running out of ink at about the 3/4 mark, right near the end of these.

Accordion Book for a Quickstart Manual

I put my Bookbinding I skills to work to create an accordion book for a quickstart manual for a used camera we recently picked up, the Canon EOS 50D.

Learning About Bookbinding

This weekend I took the Bookbinding I intensive class at The Crucible in Oakland.

Sketches: Undefined Variables continued

Next batch of the sketches in the Undefined Variables sketchbook I carry around.

Sketches: Undefined Variables

For this little black book I wanted a different theme, ideally playing off of another computer science term. Hence: Undefined Variables.

Sketches: Object Oriented wraps up

A brief update: here are the rest of the sketches from my little Object Oriented sketchbook.

Sketches: Object Oriented continued

My pen began to run dry, so I switched to a new one partway through this batch.

Sketches: Object Oriented returns

It’s been a few months, and I have fourteen more Object Oriented sketches to show for it.

Sketches: Object Oriented

I found these funky little 3″ x 3″ leather-bound books at Cost Plus World Market a little over a year ago, and decided it’d be just the right size to carry around.