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Boondocks Triptych • 23" x 13" framed

Boondocks Triptych

I figured if the comic were going today, Huey and Riley would be Black Panther fans so they’re doing the Wakanda salute here…or trying to.

Flaming Carrot • 5.75" x 5.75" framed

Flaming Carrot

It’s been a little while since I’ve drawn in a comic style, so I decided to go for one of my standbys: Flaming Carrot.

All four Peace, Love, and Understanding illustrations

Peace, Love, and Understanding series

Not too much story on these; I mostly picked it as an excuse to draw different people and to think through the meaning of tattoos.

Technology: Reel-to-Reel

Prior Art: Reel-to-Reel

Reel-to-Reel is the sixth of seven technologies I’ve explored in Prior Art: analog media manipulation and vintage virtual reality.

Technology: Transfers

Prior Art: Transfers

Transfers are the fifth of seven technologies I’ve explored in Prior Art: analog media manipulation and vintage virtual reality.

How to Be Small • 23" x 13" framed

How to Be Small

I’m feeling a bit weary of the daily outrages this political season and opted to focus instead on more universal follies: how lack of critical thinking and/or empathy can shut a person off from the world.

Editorial cartoons for the Mustang Daily

Over the course of four years I drew editorial cartoons for the Mustang Daily, the student-run daily newspaper for Cal Poly State University (San Luis Obispo).

Character moods, created for a Weight Watchers customer journey map

Compelling Characters and Customer Journeys

Though normally there isn’t much crossover between my artwork and my experience design work, this project fell squarely between the two.

Peace, Love, and Understanding • 7.5" x 8"

Peace, Love, and Understanding

I found these little frames with comic-strip-like sections and thought it would work well with a three-part phrase.

For Union of Concerned Scientists calendar

Cartoon contest for Union of Concerned Scientists

The siren lobbyists made it to the finals, which means they’ll be in the calendar.

Killers Lyrics in Cartoon Form

I was trying to make sense of some of the lyrics from new songs by The Killers. So here is the most immediate, literal interpretation that occurred to me.