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Protected: Twitch avatar character design

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Digital painting thoughts

A timelapse of my painting technique, plus thoughts & rants about digital art tools.

Compelling Characters and Customer Journeys

Though normally there isn’t much crossover between my artwork and my experience design work, this project fell squarely between the two.

Kiss for Pie

I did some quick graphic design work for Hello Good Pie in prep for their annual “Kiss for Pie” event this Valentine’s Day.

Lighting studies using Adobe Ink/Sketch

Gadget testing time – here’s some sketches I made with Adobe’s hardware/software offering for tablets, the Ink stylus and Adobe Sketch app.

Cartoon contest for Union of Concerned Scientists

The siren lobbyists made it to the finals, which means they’ll be in the calendar.

Star Trek put to good use

I recently switched over to the Enterprise Hiring Solutions team, and got inspired by the Subscriptions team nearby and their Yellow Submarine theme. Hence–the Star Trek (or rather, Enterprise) theme!

Happy Holidays 2009!

This is our holiday card for 2009, inspired by We Have Lasers!!!

Reinterpreting the Ugly Cake

Recently I realized this could be a fun artistic challenge: what is this thing?

280 at night

This is my attempt to recall from memory a few things that catch my eye when driving at night.