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Character moods, created for a Weight Watchers customer journey map

Compelling Characters and Customer Journeys

Though normally there isn’t much crossover between my artwork and my experience design work, this project fell squarely between the two.

Peace, Love, and Understanding • 7.5" x 8"

Peace, Love, and Understanding

I found these little frames with comic-strip-like sections and thought it would work well with a three-part phrase.

Rat Love & Chameleon Love • 6" x 6"

Little Creatures of Love

Since I felt like drawing animals, I thought I’d focus on animals that can be a bit misunderstood but are lovely pets.

At the Paris Exhibition, 1900 • 14.25" x 17.25" framed

At the Paris Exhibition, 1900

Unfortunately there’s no name attached to it, so I don’t know who she is. I named this so it could either be interpreted as her being in the exhibition, or attending the exhibition.

Waiting & Watching • 11" x 9" framed

Waiting & Watching

This chunky wooden frame reminded me of the aesthetic of Bruegel’s earthy illustrations or Goya’s creatures.

Trilogy of Munchies

I came across these frames and they reminded me of old-time kitchen appliances – well-worn, chipping a little, but perfectly functional.

Bathers I & II

I found a few frames with an art deco feel and decided to make a few illustrations to fit.