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Waiting & Watching

This chunky wooden frame reminded me of the aesthetic of Bruegel’s earthy illustrations or Goya’s creatures.

Edith O’Gorman and the Language of Flowers

This 19th century photo by Matthew Brady stood out to me because it was a woman with an interesting expression and an even more interesting description: “Edith O’Gorman. Escaped nun from Canada?”


I came across an art show “call for entry” about an upcoming show looking for a range of commentary about guns. There are a lot of potential themes here: power, protection, sport, identity. The one that stuck with me was the use of a gun to amplify expression – specifically to sharpen and escalate an emotion.

Sketches: Steampunk Katherine

This evening had a first-time model, Katherine, whom the organizer had spotted at a steampunk convention and invited to model.

Inktober week 4: George

Inktober is done, and here’s the last batch of sketches: this time it’s George, age 76.

Inktober week 3: Maddie

This week in Inktober is Maddie, age 31.

Inktober week 2: Michael

For this week of Inktober I’ve been sketching Michael, 23 years old.

Inktober week 1: Roshan

I’m participating in Inktober, an annual event since 2009 that’s an excuse to practice inking. I decided to practice facial expressions as a counterpoint to my Statement series of paintings.

Cartoon contest for Union of Concerned Scientists

The siren lobbyists made it to the finals, which means they’ll be in the calendar.

Japantown SJ

I’d had a few artist trading cards with me, so I started sketching the view from Roy’s.

Smoke and Lemons

While we waited for the smoker to do its thing, I remembered that I had some blank artist trading cards with me and set to sketching.

V for Vendetta

Rather than try to black it out entirely, I added an extra layer of crosshatching which gives it a nice depth.

PS3 Pointilism

Laying down a consistent dot takes intense concentration, and I caught myself holding my breath while inking parts of this once I found the right rhythm.


Post-pizza, I was looking for something to draw and worked on these artfully arranged pepperoncini ends that Alan left on his plate.

Life-size salt shaker

Stippling with a brush pen is challenging.

SF Traffic Lights

I’m still impressed with comic artists that can achieve just the right balance of light, shadow, and detail with ink.