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What’s Next for Earth

An unexpected human pause for Earth Day’s 50th anniversary is giving us a view we don’t often see.

Sketch: The Palace Theater at The Speakeasy

A sketch from a discreet location – the Palace Theater at The Speakeasy in San Francisco.

Sketches: Rest of Undefined Variables

This is the last batch of sketches from a sketchbook I carried with me (theme: Undefined Variables).

Sketches: Rebus Time

I took suggestions from various artgoers about compound words that could be made from other words.

Sketches: More Undefined Variables

Much like my first notebook (Object Oriented) I started running out of ink at about the 3/4 mark, right near the end of these.

Sketches: Steampunk Katherine

This evening had a first-time model, Katherine, whom the organizer had spotted at a steampunk convention and invited to model.

Hues/Muse: Toys & Musicians

Here’s the full set of vinyl toys & musician portraits I made for the Hues/Muse artist takeover at Chromatic Coffee last month.

Sketches: Undefined Variables continued

Next batch of the sketches in the Undefined Variables sketchbook I carry around.

Lighting studies using Adobe Ink/Sketch

Gadget testing time – here’s some sketches I made with Adobe’s hardware/software offering for tablets, the Ink stylus and Adobe Sketch app.

Inktober week 4: George

Inktober is done, and here’s the last batch of sketches: this time it’s George, age 76.

Inktober week 3: Maddie

This week in Inktober is Maddie, age 31.

Inktober week 2: Michael

For this week of Inktober I’ve been sketching Michael, 23 years old.

Sketches: Undefined Variables

For this little black book I wanted a different theme, ideally playing off of another computer science term. Hence: Undefined Variables.

Inktober week 1: Roshan

I’m participating in Inktober, an annual event since 2009 that’s an excuse to practice inking. I decided to practice facial expressions as a counterpoint to my Statement series of paintings.

Looking at the aquarium

This was one of those “what the heck do I draw?” moments.

Life drawing, and reprogramming how you see

Content warning! Life drawing == nudity. I’m seeking out opportunities to do life drawing so I can get a bit more attuned to gesture and anatomy. I’d ultimately like to get better at representing facial expression and body language.

Sketches: Object Oriented wraps up

A brief update: here are the rest of the sketches from my little Object Oriented sketchbook.

Sketches: Object Oriented continued

My pen began to run dry, so I switched to a new one partway through this batch.

Sketches: Object Oriented returns

It’s been a few months, and I have fourteen more Object Oriented sketches to show for it.

Sketches: Object Oriented

I found these funky little 3″ x 3″ leather-bound books at Cost Plus World Market a little over a year ago, and decided it’d be just the right size to carry around.