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Sketches: Object Oriented

I found these funky little 3″ x 3″ leather-bound books at Cost Plus World Market a little over a year ago, and decided it’d be just the right size to carry around.

Sea Creature

I sketched this on a tabletop made of pennies suspended in resin.

A lady and her dog

I drew this one with a cheapo ballpoint pen in the same brown craft paper notebook that I took to Hawaii and Norway.

Samovar Detour

I didn’t have any artist trading cards with me, so I sketched this on the back of a business card with a rapidly fading felt pen.

Japantown SJ

I’d had a few artist trading cards with me, so I started sketching the view from Roy’s.

Smoke and Lemons

While we waited for the smoker to do its thing, I remembered that I had some blank artist trading cards with me and set to sketching.

Merrie Monarch hula

Time off plus a dearth of airline miles recently led us, happily, to Hawaii–the Big Island in particular. We went on a whirlwind tour of it seven &…


Once I realized this kind of charcoal doesn’t apply or blend quite as smoothly as regular charcoal, I focused less on detail and got sketchier.

Alan a la Houdini

A couple of months ago I wanted to get some practice with portraiture, and took a bunch of photos in the somewhat dramatic lighting near the drawing table.


Post-pizza, I was looking for something to draw and worked on these artfully arranged pepperoncini ends that Alan left on his plate.

Life-size salt shaker

Stippling with a brush pen is challenging.

SF Traffic Lights

I’m still impressed with comic artists that can achieve just the right balance of light, shadow, and detail with ink.


These bits of paper are the offshoot of a little crafty movement of Artist Trading Cards.

Sitting on the dock of the fjord

I brought down a folding chair to the dock and sketched this during two sessions.

Sketch: Olympic swimmers

Today, watched women’s volleyball and men’s swimming.

Sketch: Twist

It’s been a little while since I tried drawing poses from my imagination.