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Crafts of 2020

So much was happening, and worrisome, and strange that I just lost track of a lot of it. This post is about the weird craft stuff I focused on as an escape.

Zelda-style helmet repaint

This is a Zelda-themed repaint for my friend Jeremy who has a whole black/white/red setup for his motorcycle & gear.


The end result of 14-count cross-stitch looks somewhat pixelly, so bitmaps are good source material.

It’s a Backpack; No, a Bag; No, a Hat

I’m not a knitter.

Sculpting Half an Alligator

I decided it would be easier to recreate the front half, rather than find a new fetish and figure out how to remove the welded clasp and successfully re-string it.

This American T-Shirt

At the end of July, This American Life held a t-shirt design contest for creating a design to use for their next fundraiser. There’s some nerdy glee I felt at the idea of both owning a TAL shirt, and designing it, so I kicked into gear and created a few designs.