WATERCOLOR ON PAPER • 9″ x 12″ each (x3)
original art commissioned by Mariana O.
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These watercolors are a present commissioned by Mariana for her friend’s upcoming wedding. Her friend was planning to have custom cocktails at her reception, so Mariana got the idea to give her these illustrations to display alongside them.

Watercolors are a refreshing break from working with acrylics, and it was fun to switch up my materials. To prep the paper, it must first be soaked, and then stapled onto a sturdy surface so it will remain stretched as it dries to minimize wrinkling from the paint itself. This is a surface I made for my first watercolor class in college – my instructor suggested we buy the cheapest door we can at the local hardware store, cut it in half, and attach a handle so it’s easy to transport to and from classes. This thing is filled with staple holes and will last a lifetime.

I created the layouts using the Photoshop app on my iPad Pro (+Apple Pencil) using a watery ink brush to make it look loose and sketchy. Each cocktail was based on a classic cocktail style and included a name based on the bride-to-be’s three children. Since these had a foundation of existing recipes, I was able to reference those for the glassware typically used for each. By good fortune, all three were different styles of glasses as well as different colors. I picked a garnish and a graphic element to frame each piece. For the text, I opted to freehand the cursive and all caps font.