$95: Synth Virtuoso: Wendy Carlos • 8.625” x 10.625” framed
$80: Theremin Virtuoso: Clara Rockmore • 7.625” x 9.625” framed
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It took me a while to parse some kind of artistic response to COVID-19, and this is one of the pieces I made.

These metallic frames cried out for art to match this aesthetic – so I chose electronic music virtuosos. I referenced an earlier marker illustration I’d made to refresh my memory about how the markers looked, and ultimately opted for a gray line rather than black to avoid overwhelming the tone of the frame.

First, we have Clara Rockmore, a virtuoso of the eerie, literally-hand-waving instrument known as the theremin. She had perfect pitch and a level of control similar to the violin and created strikingly original and haunting sounds. Theremin music is probably best recognized in sci-fi B-movies, and in the original Star Trek television show theme.

Second, we have Wendy Carlos, a virtuoso of the synth. It’s hard to overstate how much her tech innovations combined with a musician’s ear shaped much of the music we hear. There are a few great interviews of her on such as this BBC interview where she describes how she creates the sound. Check out all of the movie soundtracks she’s scored.