In Rainbows

I came across Youngme / Nowme earlier this year, and loved the premise: find a photo of you as a kid, and then reproduce the pose as faithfully as possible. I’ve been thinking of making my own for a little while now, and was holding off until I could find a shirt that matched this crazy rainbow shirt. Well, I found one!

Besides minor cleanup, I adjusted the photo with some cropping, sharpening, and the magic of Photoshop’s “Match Color” feature. The cat in the original photo was Charlie, a friendly, mellow tabby that would be sleeping on my bed  when I got home from school. The cat in the new photo is I/O, our super-social torbie (tabbie and tortoise shell mix). She’s not quite as mellow as Charlie was, and didn’t appreciate the amount of time it took to take this photo. Alan got pretty good at trying to catch her attention.

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  1. Irina Werning did a similar thing recently with her Back to the Future series:

    It looks like the Youngme/Nowme site was redesigned, and I’m still there in new permalink form:

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