It’s a Backpack; No, a Bag; No, a Hat

I’m not a knitter. I gave it the old college try, and two hats, a wallet, and a scarf later I’ve realized I’m just not into it. I had two rectangular-ish pieces from a half-done knitting project that’s been languishing for the last year that was supposed to become a little backpack. But alas, the backpack was not meant to be.

So, their second life began: I decided I would make little bags out of them and felt them. I’d felted once before using a kit to make zippered wallet-type bag with sushi on it. It involves agitating the heck out of the piece in the washer with hot water until it shrinks. I ran it through once…and again…and again. And nothing was happening. Apparently I forgot to check what kind of yarn it was. Wool will shrink, and therefore felt. Acrylic will not. And the 20% wool/80% acrylic blend I’d been using merely scoffed at my attempt to felt it. The bags, too, were not meant to be.

A few days later, while looking at the decidedly-not-felted larger piece, I picked it up to puzzle over its shape and, inexplicably, put it on my head. And…it fit. And the two corners stuck out like ears, almost intentional. So I grabbed some of the remaining pink yarn from the sushi wallet, filled in the ears, and sewed the ears closed so they’d keep their shape. And that is how this hat came to be.

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  1. Trying it on your head is akin to the discovery of penicillin. Inspired. And cute, too!

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