Jar of Pixels (and Looney Tunes)

Was inspired to make this after seeing my friend Dave’s Facebook post this morning: “Apparently I’ve been working too much. I put “Claussen Pixels” on my grocery list.” Good thing I had this pickle jar hanging around for just such an occasion. Here you go, sir!

These “pickles” are made from Pixelblocks, which are a bit like translucent Legos. On the plus side, they have grooves so you can attach them side-by-side. On the minus side, they are rather difficult to separate.

Pixelblocks work well as a medium for building little 2D replicas of old school video game characters, and I do have an Excitebike rider and Katamari King of the Cosmos gracing my living room. I like the idea of life-size replicas, though, so I may try out some other types of food now that I see how pickles turned out.

In a similar vein: years ago I built a few Looney Tunes characters using a bin of Legos. At some point I may use these as reference photos for tinkering around with isometric drawing or noodling around with this app.

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  1. It’s been over a year since you posted this but hopefully you’ll get around to making more… I absolutely loved these!!!

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