Maker Faire Lantern

Okay, so the Maker Faire was a few months back, but I just got around to cleaning through old projects and assembling my little lantern. My work peeps, the Adobe Experience Design (XD) team, hosted a booth to Make Your Own Andon. Go into a lighted tent, move around a bit, and your movements were captured by a camera which fed the best pics into a custom AIR app to create simplified silhouettes. After a little vector assembly of the template in Illustrator, the images were sent to a laser cutter. A few minutes later, voila–laser-etched cardboard bits to assemble a lantern. This uses two watch batteries and a blue LED.

I’m glad I had a chance to make one while helping out that weekend. Earlier that week I helped stress-test the app with the engineers. And by “help”, I mean jumping around, moving forward and back to see if faces could show up if lit (not really), and swinging my hair around to see how quickly it could take the images. I had some good silhouettes from that but ended up crashing the app in the process. Best to work those issues out in advance!

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  1. What are the dimensions of the lantern? Looks about 1 foot tall.

  2. Wow, that girl in the blue box is hot!

  3. Good eye. From base to handle it’s about 11 inches, and the area with the cutouts is 6 inches.

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