PS3 Pointilism

I admire inkers who can make beautiful gradations with such an unforgiving medium. I did a little pointilism in high school, and again in college, but not since then and have been nostalgic for the look of it. For one particularly large project in college, I bought eight or nine of the same kind of pen; there’s not only variation in the fluidity of ink from the pen nib, but also in the color of the ink itself between some batches. Laying down a consistent dot takes intense concentration, and I caught myself holding my breath while inking parts of this once I found the right rhythm.

This is a PlayStation 3 controller, a common fixture on our couch. I’ve been looking for something fun and artsy to do while watching TV, and pointilism, I’m afraid, is not it. I forgot how much concentration this style of drawing takes. This was drawn on an “artist trading card”-sized bristol paper, created during three TV-and-drawing sessions of 3-4 hours each.

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  1. manny juan

    wow, i’m impressed! the density is consistent with the laws of optics and reflection – less dots where it’s bright and more where it’s dark – i especially like the beveled buttons, the circular edges and smooth curved surfaces and it’s all done with dots – it’s awesome!

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