I’ve been doing a little more painting on that Spooky re-paint, and have a mechanical wooden dragon in progress (intrigued?) but neither is quite ready to show here yet. So, in the meantime, here’s a sketch I did on one of those artist trading cards while Alan and I were waiting for a show in SF. I’m pretty happy with the inking. I’m still impressed with comic artists that can achieve just the right balance of light, shadow, and detail with ink. I added the gray marker washes after the fact. Originally I considered filling in a bright solid color for the background, but thought that might look a bit cold with bright white highlights on the pole and lights. This was a good choice in hindsight as the darker gray helps the sign pop out.

At least by making myself sketch and paint more I’ve found that I no longer catching myself thinking “undo!” the instant I mess up a little. That’s one of the less-helpful learned behaviors I’d picked up over time from a career in front of a computer.