Smoke and Lemons

Last weekend Alan and I joined our friends Ted, Claire, and Brendan for a fine summer feast. While we waited for the smoker to do its thing, I remembered that I had some blank artist trading cards with me and set to sketching. In between tending the smoker, which was a bit finicky despite the extra holes drilled for added airflow, a nearby neighbor called over asking to borrow space in the green bin for tree trimmings…which ultimately turned into Brendan returning with a crateful of lemons, which I also sketched. I realized after I sketched it that the perspective was oddly orthogonal head-on. I think I prefer the angled view. It seemed like it needed a little something more, and not wanting to interfere by sketching something iffy in the background, I opted to borrow a highlighter to add some color.

Red and shiny

The completed sketch

Lemons, even the green ones

A better viewing angle

Highlighter as art tool

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  1. I love having ACEO stock or a sketch book on hand. I somehow always forget them or when I do have them, I just can’t get anything out. 🙂 Love your blog by the way. It inspires me to do more art for myself.

  2. Glad to hear it! I’ve enjoyed writing these.

    Ted and Claire gave us this smoker when they moved so we’ll have to try it out when the weather is better.

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