I’ve noticed a pattern in the things in that catch my eye recently.

In the last few months, I’ve taken pitifully few photos–a side effect of fixating on wanting to feel fully present rather than documenting events. After the fact, of course, having some photos would have been nice…so I need to swing that pendulum a bit back towards the center. Yesterday morning, I was compelled to take some photos of a particularly lovely scene at breakfast. Starting a few months ago Alan’s been cooking up a storm, including breakfast nearly every day, so I’m glad to have at least one visual reminder of that. Maybe I’ll get some action shots if I’m more coherent one morning.

As I looked at these photos, and the dozen or two I’ve taken in the last few months, I realized the best ones all have similar compositions, with the primary subject is on the right (and cut off), and interesting things happening with light glimmers.