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At the end of July, This American Life held a t-shirt design contest for creating a design to use for their next fundraiser. There’s some nerdy glee I felt at the idea of both owning a TAL shirt, and designing it, so I kicked into gear and created a few designs.

On the Sampler one, I was originally just going to have cross-stitched letters, until I realized that it could have said “Prarie Home Companion” just as easily. That made me shudder a little. I was thinking of something a little more punk/DIY for the American part at first, but once I threw a little color in I gravitated towards this denim blue for the shirt color; hence the jeans-tag look.

No one seems to like the Roadmap one, which is fine. It turned out pretty simple but I was glad to get to a point where it looked finished. I prefer the look and layout in the sketch, but when it came time to put it on the shirt I realized there was just a 10″ x 13″ area to work with, well away from the neck and shoulder line. Guess I’ll just have to get a Neighborhoodie instead.

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  1. *I* like the roadmap one

  2. Ah, no love from TAL for either it seems. The winning design is worthy of your pledge dollars, though: .

    There are a number of nice designs on there, but I admit that I’m a little surprised by a few of the ones they liked. The snowman? The inner tube? The Big Gulp cup?

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