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Inktober week 4: George

Inktober is done, and here’s the last batch of sketches: this time it’s George, age 76. Some of these expressions are very suitable for Halloween! [also see previous Inktober sketches ]

It’s been a fun exercise, though I like having these as pick-up projects rather than forcing a daily schedule. I’ll keep doing this and posting batches as they are ready. It’ll be a good project to have on hand if I’m more in the mood to draw people rather than my current object-sketching project, Undefined Variables.

Yeah, I'm not that thrilled with the straight-ahead shots either


Amused, in that slightly self-conscious way


I imagine him reacting to hearing someone else telling a story here


The word that comes to mind here is "egad!"


A bit unsure, but thinking it over




I'd be wincing too if someone drew my head this funny. Sorry about that


Inktober week 3: Maddie

This week in Inktober is Maddie, age 31. My pen may be running out, so hopefully it will last another two weeks. I realized that I sometimes start making these expressions too while I’m drawing them…which is probably a little odd in public.

Here’s the rest of my Inktober sketches in case you missed previous weeks.

A little too much drawn around the nose here, I think.


One of the best side-view poses for her.


Started paying attention to the unruly parts of the hair on this one; guess it goes with the mood?


Aw yeah.


Been having trouble getting the eye contact right on some of these, but I'm pretty happy with this one.

Not buying it

Another one meriting a bit of unruly hair. Something's about to do down!


Inktober week 2: Michael

For this week of Inktober I’ve been sketching Michael, 23 years old. Last week I decided to go directly to ink, and continued that this week. Like last week, the first one felt a bit awkward and got better with successive expressions. The mustache was a bit too heavy on the first, and I realized I needed to use a lighter mark to make it look right. It was also challenging to draw someone much younger (few creases!) so every mark counted. I finally noticed the small bit of a wave in his hair on the final drawing too.

Lots of stippling with his hairstyle! I enjoy stippling, but it takes a lot of patience. There are so many ways to unintentionally create strange patterns or marks, especially if you rush it. I usually end up blurring my vision a little bit and getting into an almost trancelike state to stipple consistently.

I've been starting with the neutral expressions to get a sense of their overall look.


Good hair on this one, and definitely a better mustache.




The eyes on this one look a little more accurate than on the smiling one.


Woo hoo!


This looks like it's saying "really? This is the one you chose?"


Inktober week 1: Roshan

I’m participating in Inktober, an annual event since 2009 that’s an excuse to practice inking. I decided to practice facial expressions as a counterpoint to my Statement series of paintings.

Here are the rules I’m following: pick one person from the excellent Facial Expressions reference book, and each week, focus only on that person and draw a different expression every day. The book is a wonderful reference of people of a mix of ethnicity, body type, and gender, from 20’s to 80’s.

This week I chose Roshan, a 47-year old woman. I started off by penciling first and then inking. I’d barely started on the eye when I quickly realized that the Uniball Vision I was using put out too much ink for the notebook I’m using (a blank thin-paged paper-cover Moleskine). I switched to a Micron 02 (0.3mm) since the paper is so delicate. It’s much easier to draw creases and wrinkles when drawing with thinner lines overall. It feels slightly like cheating to me because I’ve been drawing with thicker (more unforgiving) lines. I figure if I do this for a while I can get more confident about working back to the thicker lines. I felt like it lost a bit of the expressiveness by drawing it in two stages (pencils & ink) so for the rest I used ink only. Week 1 is done!

A good starter post.


I can imagine the sound she's making here.

Oh boy

This is my favorite one, with the head tilt, wide-eyed, with a tiny bit of a grimace.


A little more subdued, thinking or resting.


Or possibly defiant.

Deep in thought




Loki I & Loki II

Loki I & Loki II

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Harvest: Papayas • 5.75″ x 5.75″ framed

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Harvest: Blueberries • 5.75″ x 5.75″ framed

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Harvest: Avocados • 5.75″ x 5.75″ framed

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Harvest: Persimmons • 5.75″ x 5.75″ framed

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At the Paris Exhibition, 1900

At the Paris Exhibition, 1900 • 14.25″ x 17.25″

Bathers series

Waiting & Watching • 2015, 11″ x 9″

Trilogy of Munchies series

Trilogy of Munchies • 3 illustrations


Musicians • 11 portraits

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Customer Journey Map • 2016

Inktober '14: George

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Inktober '14: Maddie

Inktober ’14: Maddie • 6 sketches

Inktober '14: Michael

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