Julie Meridian captures the essence of people and places through representational art that reveals impressionist details. Her art often highlights moments of contemplation and peaceful solitude. Natural and unassuming poses create a pervasive sense of being truly present. This solemn eye for truth is brightened with glimmers of gentle optimism.

She primarily works in richly layered acrylic with forays into watercolors, ink, and charcoal. Her influences include the human presence of Rembrandt and Kathe Kollwitz, the editorial work of William Hogarth and Thomas Nast, and teachings of contemporary artists Wayne Jiang and Joanne Ruggles. Julie learned much of her figure knowledge through a minor in Studio Art at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Active in San José, she is currently a resident artist at Kaleid Gallery and Local Color. She is also a member of community arts group Works/San José. She alternates practicing art with humanizing technology as a user experience designer through her consultancy, Make It Legit. She occasionally uses computing concepts as a starting point for artistic reinterpretation.


JMS Podcast episode #139
2/4/18, 62 min (starts at @22:11)

The Good News Podcast, “Thrift Store Artistry”
3/7/18, 6 min

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Julie Meridian
Julie Meridian (photo credit: Jillian Cocklin, Epoxy Studios)