Tag: ATC

Sea Creature

I sketched this on a tabletop made of pennies suspended in resin.

Samovar Detour

I didn’t have any artist trading cards with me, so I sketched this on the back of a business card with a rapidly fading felt pen.

Japantown SJ

I’d had a few artist trading cards with me, so I started sketching the view from Roy’s.

Smoke and Lemons

While we waited for the smoker to do its thing, I remembered that I had some blank artist trading cards with me and set to sketching.

V for Vendetta

Rather than try to black it out entirely, I added an extra layer of crosshatching which gives it a nice depth.

PS3 Pointilism

Laying down a consistent dot takes intense concentration, and I caught myself holding my breath while inking parts of this once I found the right rhythm.


Post-pizza, I was looking for something to draw and worked on these artfully arranged pepperoncini ends that Alan left on his plate.

Life-size salt shaker

Stippling with a brush pen is challenging.

SF Traffic Lights

I’m still impressed with comic artists that can achieve just the right balance of light, shadow, and detail with ink.


These bits of paper are the offshoot of a little crafty movement of Artist Trading Cards.