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Statement V • 8" x 10"

Statement V

Dave is a connoisseur of bowties and has written an eBook all about them. He had this great photo for the cover, so in exchange for borrowing it for a painting, I created a few layout options for the cover.

Statement IV • 10" x 8"

Statement IV

The Statement series is mostly individuals, but this lovely pose was too good to pass up.

Statement III • 8" x 10"

Statement III

A friend of mine has this neat leather motorcycle jacket, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint a different type of material.

Statement II • 10" x 6"

Statement II

Another figure & fabric Statement exploration, this time where the drape of fabric comes from the surroundings.

Statement I • 8" x 10"

Statement I

I’m starting a series of paintings to explore two things I’ve wanted to work at more: figures and fabric.

1-2 minutes poses

Life drawing, and reprogramming how you see

Content warning! Life drawing == nudity. I’m seeking out opportunities to do life drawing so I can get a bit more attuned to gesture and anatomy. I’d ultimately like to get better at representing facial expression and body language.

Untapped • 24" x 12"


I wanted to explore some of the positions and expressions people fall into without thinking about it…hence this once, tapping on the phone that’s not there.

Reino looking at himself

2013 Year in Review, and things to come

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on here, a year in which I have tackled a few bigger things (for me) artistically.

In million-dollar penthouses, you always dress to the nines

A lady and her dog

I drew this one with a cheapo ballpoint pen in the same brown craft paper notebook that I took to Hawaii and Norway.

Sketch & bowl o' matcha

Samovar Detour

I didn’t have any artist trading cards with me, so I sketched this on the back of a business card with a rapidly fading felt pen.

Merrie Monarch sketches

Merrie Monarch hula

Time off plus a dearth of airline miles recently led us, happily, to Hawaii–the Big Island in particular. We went on a whirlwind tour of it seven &…

Alan a la Houdini

Alan a la Houdini

A couple of months ago I wanted to get some practice with portraiture, and took a bunch of photos in the somewhat dramatic lighting near the drawing table.

Sketch: Olympic swimmers

Today, watched women’s volleyball and men’s swimming.

Sketch: Twist

It’s been a little while since I tried drawing poses from my imagination.