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Sketches: Object Oriented wraps up

A brief update: here are the rest of the sketches from my little Object Oriented sketchbook.

Sketches: Object Oriented continued

My pen began to run dry, so I switched to a new one partway through this batch.

Sketches: Object Oriented returns

It’s been a few months, and I have fourteen more Object Oriented sketches to show for it.

Object Oriented, the book

Sketches: Object Oriented

I found these funky little 3″ x 3″ leather-bound books at Cost Plus World Market a little over a year ago, and decided it’d be just the right size to carry around.

Finished helmet (with gloss sealant)

Zelda-style helmet repaint

This is a Zelda-themed repaint for my friend Jeremy who has a whole black/white/red setup for his motorcycle & gear.

Technology: Darkroom

Prior Art: Darkroom

Darkrooms are the fourth of seven technologies I’ve explored in Prior Art: analog media manipulation and vintage virtual reality.

Sketches: More Undefined Variables

Much like my first notebook (Object Oriented) I started running out of ink at about the 3/4 mark, right near the end of these.

Over the Shoulder • 30" x 20"

Over the Shoulder

This one’s another commission from my friend Kevin. Merry Christmas Allie! I worked from an Instagram photo of her two cats before a windowsill.


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Inktober week 4: George

Inktober is done, and here’s the last batch of sketches: this time it’s George, age 76.

Undefined Variables, the book

Sketches: Undefined Variables

For this little black book I wanted a different theme, ideally playing off of another computer science term. Hence: Undefined Variables.

Lena and Manny After Dinner • 12" x 12"

Lena and Manny After Dinner

The latest painting in this style & size – these are my husband’s parents Manny and Lena, from (yet another) great photo by Alan.

Untapped • 24" x 12"


I wanted to explore some of the positions and expressions people fall into without thinking about it…hence this once, tapping on the phone that’s not there.

Reino looking at himself

2013 Year in Review, and things to come

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted on here, a year in which I have tackled a few bigger things (for me) artistically.

From phone snapshot to watercolor paper

Making of Make It Legit

I decided I must make an illustration with each post, and came up with a format that got me back into watercolors after a long dry spell (literally).

I was aiming for an unraveling net here.

Sea Creature

I sketched this on a tabletop made of pennies suspended in resin.