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When I thought of the theme, “Elevate”, I thought about how people express themselves with gestures. I picked a movie for each of the 13 days of Cinequest to be represented here by gestures from one of their characters.

Cartoon contest for Union of Concerned Scientists

The siren lobbyists made it to the finals, which means they’ll be in the calendar.

Star Trek put to good use

I recently switched over to the Enterprise Hiring Solutions team, and got inspired by the Subscriptions team nearby and their Yellow Submarine theme. Hence–the Star Trek (or rather, Enterprise) theme!

This American T-Shirt

At the end of July, This American Life held a t-shirt design contest for creating a design to use for their next fundraiser. There’s some nerdy glee I felt at the idea of both owning a TAL shirt, and designing it, so I kicked into gear and created a few designs.