ACRYLIC ON FIBERGLASS • Tabletop size (approx. 2′ x 2′ x 1′)
Sold • one of the 2022 San Francisco General Hospital Foundation Hearts

A number of cities have sponsored themed sculptures painted by local artists for fundraising and public art in the last few decades. Inspired by a series of painted cows in Zurich in 1998, a similar effort came to the Chicago in 2001 and spread to cities throughout the US. I came across the painted sharks in San José, painted cows in San Luis Obispo, and painted hearts in San Francisco. And I got into this year’s cohort of painted hearts!

I based this style off of “Release”, a similar painting I made for my home. This effort has been carried forward by the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation since 2004. Here are all the 2022 painted hearts.