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Dog portraits

Pet portraits: Dog edition

More pet portraits – here’s a bunch of dogs I’ve painted so far this year.

Cat portraits galore

Pet portraits: Cat edition

I put out a call for pet portraits early in the year and have done quite a few since then. Most of them I held off on posting because they were gifts and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. This batch is cats!

Chicken portrait trio • 8" x 10" each

A trio of chicken portraits

I enjoy painting portraits of pets, and my latest commission was especially fun: pet chickens!

Shimmer • 12" x 12"


Continuing my tradition of creating new works to donate to the annual Works/San José benefit auction, here’s one that echoes some of the artful cropping of the Statement paintings but with a new subject matter.

Chinese Folktales (all 6 calendar repaints)

Chinese Folktales on Repainted Calendars

Each of these started off as a giveaway calendar from a Chinese restaurant. I’ve been collecting these and “repainting” them by painting over everything except the main image.

Rat Love & Chameleon Love • 6" x 6"

Little Creatures of Love

Since I felt like drawing animals, I thought I’d focus on animals that can be a bit misunderstood but are lovely pets.

Over the Shoulder • 30" x 20"

Over the Shoulder

This one’s another commission from my friend Kevin. Merry Christmas Allie! I worked from an Instagram photo of her two cats before a windowsill.

Tobey • 12" x 12"

Tobey’s Gaze

Just finished this commission for a painting of Tobey, the furry friend of Alan’s co-worker Melinda.

The Big Yawn • 20" x 16"

The Big Yawn

Alan took a photo of our cat I/O a few years ago with this amazing yawn.