Statement III

Third in the series

Statement III • 8″ x 10″

The latest in the Statement series, with a fun variant on the white fabric: leather! A friend of mine has this neat leather motorcycle jacket, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint a different type of material.

Due to the color of the materials, I did something I don’t usually do on these painting: I used black paint. Carbon Black, specifically. I can usually get a good rich dark color out of mixing Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue, but I felt the colors in those would take away from it, and mute some of the matte vs shiny goodness here. I kept the rest of the colors pretty muted to balance it out…hence the grayish speedlines of the background.

There were a few interesting and tricky parts to this one. The jacket has a series of fine perforations on the bottom half of the chest and the inside of the sleeves. The helmet has mix of matte and glossy areas. Surprisingly, the jeans ended up being the most difficult part of this to get right in terms of the color and texture. I may need to find more photos with jeans in them for practice.

Also fun here: painting logos. The logos and color scheme reminded me of painting a 3-4′ wide piece of wood with a Nascar auto on it for a kid’s room decoration years ago. At some point I may try my hand at making a font.

Always, always worth it to spend time on a good sketch.

Starting sketch

I'm trying to speed up these steps since they're just foundation layers.

Yellow ochre

Sometimes, like here, I forget to take a photo before I start into the next stage. Doh.

Burnt sienna, a little umber

That's the rest of the burnt umber.

Burnt umber

I usually dislike this stage of colors, but I kinda like how this looks here.

Cautiously ultramarine

A proper black paint makes a big difference on this particular one.

Carbon black

I find these are looking better when I make the backgrounds more flat.

Gray background

It's nice to finally get to the detail work. I get impatient with the previous steps.

Detail work

Most of the finishing bits here were on that glove.

Gloves and finishing touches

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