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Statement VIII • 10" x 8"

Statement VIII

This one is my photographer friend Jillian who took the reference shot for Statement I. During a different shoot for reference photos I noticed she was wearing a white shirt while I saw her reviewing photos. I asked to include her in this series, and here she is!

Taking a Statement • 12"x12"

Taking a Statement

This started from a detail of Statement VII (the doctor): specifically, a close-up view of his hands jotting down notes. This caught the eye of our friends Kevin and Allison as they both work in writing/journalism and they inquired about a commission.

Statement VII • 8" x 10"

Statement VII

Since starting the Statement series I’ve been on the lookout for interesting variations on white fabrics. It occurred to me that there are a few occupations that include uniforms or articles of clothing that fit the bill.

Statement VI • 10" x 8"

Statement VI

Got this lovely late afternoon shot for the latest painting, part of the Statement series.

Statement V • 8" x 10"

Statement V

Dave is a connoisseur of bowties and has written an eBook all about them. He had this great photo for the cover, so in exchange for borrowing it for a painting, I created a few layout options for the cover.

Statement IV • 10" x 8"

Statement IV

The Statement series is mostly individuals, but this lovely pose was too good to pass up.

Statement III • 8" x 10"

Statement III

A friend of mine has this neat leather motorcycle jacket, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to paint a different type of material.

Statement II • 10" x 6"

Statement II

Another figure & fabric Statement exploration, this time where the drape of fabric comes from the surroundings.

Statement I • 8" x 10"

Statement I

I’m starting a series of paintings to explore two things I’ve wanted to work at more: figures and fabric.

Shimmer • 12" x 12"


Continuing my tradition of creating new works to donate to the annual Works/San José benefit auction, here’s one that echoes some of the artful cropping of the Statement paintings but with a new subject matter.

What you see when you walk into Bel Bacio this month

Bel Bacio Featured Artist for February

I just finished hanging a dozen pieces of art at Bel Bacio coffee shop in San Jose’s Little Italy.

The Raven

The Raven

It occurred to me that both this Alice in Wonderland riddle and Poe’s poem “The Raven” reference the same themes: writing, ravens, and a touch of madness.

Inktober week 1: Roshan

I’m participating in Inktober, an annual event since 2009 that’s an excuse to practice inking. I decided to practice facial expressions as a counterpoint to my Statement series of paintings.

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