ACRYLIC ON CANVAS • sizes vary
see below for prices (unless marked as sold) • email julie at

SOLD: Boilermaker
$250: Rippled Gold, Spun Silver, Focused Gold, Stretched Silver
$950: Bourbon Yellow
$1200: Focal Pint, Whiskey Split
$1400: Whiskey Pink, Bourbon Noir
$1600: Flight Delay (framed)
$1900: Whiskey Green Noir, Pilsner Gold
$20 small prints (8.5″ x 11″); $35 large prints (13″ x 19″)

This is my third show at Kaleid Gallery which is just about to move over to the SoFA district (300 1st Street) later this month. I’ve been working on paintings in this series for the last two years or so, and it’s good to see the series complete.

Why Flight Delay?

In December 2016, after getting to the San José airport to a flight to Burbank, our flight got delayed for hours. We couldn’t catch another flight, so looking to pass the time, we ended up at the Original Joes for drinks and a leisurely wait. The late afternoon sun and shifting weather created this extraordinary light show with the glassware that splayed, rippled, and caught an occasional tiny rainbow.

There were four glasses total (one pint glass, one pilsner glass, and two whiskey glasses) and they were on a white paper table covering. The gold, white, and rainbows are all accurate representations of the colors of the reflections themselves, but I took some liberties with the rest of the colors to invoke different moods. Focal Pint and Flight Delay are both fairly true to the original colors.