Not for sale

I recently created this for the Works/San José group show with the theme “Vote Your Subconscience“. I’m feeling a bit weary of the daily outrages this political season and opted to focus instead on more universal follies: how lack of critical thinking and/or empathy can shut a person off from the world. Or, in other words: how to be small/narrow/inflexible in one’s thinking and behavior.

As a way to emphasize “small”, I’ve made this a tiny gallery on its own. Each piece in here looks like a frame, complete with mat and label. The art itself is on Artist Trading Cards, a nice small format, drawn with black and gray markers.

The gradation on the mat is not an optical illusion. I’ve had this aqua-colored mat board for years, and at some point realized it had become faded by the sun along one edge. I like the effect here where the color is draining away.