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Total paint rejection. On the other hand, acrylic binds pretty well to itself.

Reject pile for Natural Conclusions

About 15-20% of what I came across ended up working for this particular project. Here are the various reasons why pieces were either non-starters or failed along the way.

Natural Conclusions reception (photo by Jillian Cocklin)

“Natural Conclusions” show at Kaleid Gallery

This show is the culmination of two years of collecting amateur landscapes in need of a little love.

Natural Conclusions • Kaleid Gallery, March 2-30, 2018

“Natural Conclusions” – a new solo show at Kaleid Gallery

This March is my second solo show at Kaleid Gallery in downtown San José!

The Rooster's Crown • 12.5" x 29"

Re-paint: The Rooster’s Crown

This calendar’s story is about how the rooster got his crown.

The Farmer's Fence • 12.5" x 30"

Re-paint: The Farmer’s Fence

This calendar re-paint is about a story of a farmer who loses a sheep because a wolf snuck through a broken part of a fence.

The Monkey's Loss • 12.5" x 30"

Re-paint: The Monkey’s Loss

This calendar re-paint reflects a Chinese folktale about a little monkey who came down from the mountain.

Chinese Folktales (all 6 calendar repaints)

Chinese Folktales on Repainted Calendars

Each of these started off as a giveaway calendar from a Chinese restaurant. I’ve been collecting these and “repainting” them by painting over everything except the main image.

Ye Xian (the "Chinese Cinderalla") • 12.5" x 30"

Re-paint: Ye Xian (the “Chinese Cinderella”)

This is the third repaint of a calendar: this time the story I ended up picking is the “Chinese Cinderella”, Ye Xian.

Rabbit In the Moon • 12.5" x 30"

Re-paint: Rabbit In the Moon

After a passing glance at the mist, it occurred to me that I could fill the rest with a meandering creek to echo the shape of the Great Wall and the mist.

The Dragon God • 12.5" x 29"

Re-paint: The Dragon God

I’ve been looking for interesting things for re-paint projects that wouldn’t involve a nearly-complete re-paint, and this was just the ticket.

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow

Besides doing the ultimate day-for-night rework, I also wrapped the matte in black satin and repainted the frame.

Re-paint: Spooky

The idea of re-painting otherwise ho-hum art appealed to me as a combination of recycling and redemption. I saw this landscape and instantly thought two things: Sleepy Hollow, or Beetlejuice.