Solo exhibition: Meet You Halfway

$155: Fallow Field, Desert Sunset
$225: Quiet Cove, Rocky Shore
$325: Lavender Fields, Red Sky at Night, Cherry Blossoms, Lakeside Dusk
SOLD: Tidepool, Golden Gate, Aurora, Autumn Dawn
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Meet You Halfway, a solo show of new works
“An artistic call and response brings new life to fast art. This show of newly re-painted landscapes picks up where paint nights leave off to interpret the same scene through another lens. See how social, guided art expresses itself in ways that veer towards abstraction when compared to carefully rendered realism. What’s different that rings true to make it a sense of a place? What’s the same that may have only been hinted at in the original art? Each one honors the way life continues, in often subtle ways, all around us.”

This show is the artistic equivalent of comfort food for me. I had extra “found” landscapes on hand from Natural Conclusions, and continuing that theme was partly out of necessity as my art sources and studio access got disrupted to varying degrees during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also just enjoy making them. This time around, I’ve hidden signs of life in each one.

It’s common for an art show to be scheduled a year or two in advance. Venues have to plan their calendar, and artists need time to complete the work that may only be the start of an idea when it’s lined up. Out of curiosity I checked back to figure out when I got confirmation of my spot for this one, and it was in January 2020. It is sheer coincidence that this show opens now. I’m grateful for the dumb luck of it coinciding with better knowledge and the availability of vaccines here in CA.

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  1. dimitirs

    Nice Artworks, I like the style and the vibrand colors

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